8 Ball Clearance Competition...

Congratulations to Danny Armitage (Denby Dale WMC B) who achieved an eight ball clearance this week, (15/10/2017).


Singles Second Round Results...

Congratulations to the following players;


Ross Evans (Black Horse)

Mark Meehan (Flying Ferret B)

Dale Winterbottom (Sun Inn A)

Danny Armitage (Denby Dale WMC B)


Doubles KO Second Round Draw..

Congratulations to the following players;


At Rowley Hill WMC

J Milner/S England (Grove A)


At Emley Moor WMC

C Forsey/S Hopwood (Rising Sun A)


At Flying Ferret

J Barber/C Hague (Shelley SSC A)


At Ashfield

S Croucher/B Bray (Crown)


Team KO Semi Final Draw...

The following draw was made by Austin Roddy and Kevin Nicholson;


At Shelley SSC

Emley Moor WMC B v Denby Dale WMC B


At Emley Moor WMC

George v Rising Sun A


The Semi-Final matches will be played on Wednesday 25th October.

League Tables updated as of the matches on the 15th October 2017.

Most Wins updated as of the matches on the 15th October 2017.

Dates for your diary

Team KO Semi-Final - 25th October

Singles KO Semi-Final and Final - 22nd November

Doubles KO 2nd Round 18th October


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Number of entries for

8 Ball Comp. Summer 2017


Captains' Corner

Please note that the fixture lists have been updated after discovering the wrong date of 26th September which is a Tuesday!  Also the date of the mid-season Captains' meeting is Sunday 8th October, not 5th March as stated in the Captains' Handbook!


The new Captains' Handbook for Summer 2017 season has been distributed now. Please ensure that you have your copy.


For all Section 2 Captains, please note that home games for Flockton WMC will be played at the old Post Office next to the old club house whilst the club house is being rebuilt.


Please note the rules around the 8-ball clearance competition.  Only 8 ball clearances from the break off or first shot following the break off count towards entry into the competition.  Using two shots following a fouled break off does not count, nor does clearing the table after one or more of your colours has been potted by your opponent at the break off.  It does count if the clearance is in either the single or doubles league games though.